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I am just a simple girl who has the most amazing adventures because God has made me strong and courageous. Right now I am living in the state of Oregon where I am spending a year as an ARISE Intern.I hope you enjoy reading what God is doing in my life and the simple and great things He does every day...

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Almost at the end...I'm back!

There is no reason for having abandoned the blog for such a long time... ESL lazzines, or just "plain" laziness...ha-ha I don't know. I'm always "blogging" in my mind, but nothing like words to share and to remember. That's why I decided I'll try my best to update all the amazing, hard, and "normal" experiences that I've had these last months in Cambodia...I apologize and also thank you in advance for taking your time in sharing my experiences...

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