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I am just a simple girl who has the most amazing adventures because God has made me strong and courageous. Right now I am living in the state of Oregon where I am spending a year as an ARISE Intern.I hope you enjoy reading what God is doing in my life and the simple and great things He does every day...

Tuesday, September 21, 2010


That's how I would call this week. And it can sound very common when I am a music teacher and I teach it everyday. But this week, I had to lead the music for the Week of Prayer in School (High school level), plus I had the auditions for the Special Choir. Very busy! But I had so much fun!

The week before I started thinking for a theme song that was related to the main topic. I picked "Everyday" from Hillsong.  I also wanted to teach them "How great is our God". So with Teacher Phil at the bass, 2 of my 12th graders at the guitar and me, with my "debut" at the piano :D. Yeah, I couldn't even believe myself. It wasn't too complicated, just chords and a simple rythm, but with the bass and guitars it sounded well.

So here we were. We practiced a lot on Sunday and Monday was the first day of the Week of Prayer.  It went really well. It seemed like the students enjoyed the songs.  I was really nervous but I enjoyed very much the experience of leading worship while I was also singing and playing the piano.
Tuesday was lovely. There was no piano. Simply because it started pouring, just right before our High School period. I had to run all the way to the picnic area and I got soaked!!! It was very funny how a student offered me her poncho just after I got there and was all wet. I loved it! Rain here is so wonderful!! It makes me go back to my childdhod years in Puerto Rico when I used to play under the rain!

Well, going back to the week, Wednesday I had a long afternoon after school.  Seventeen students signed to audition for Special Choir.  They were very excited, I was so tired! I had to put great effort looking for their potential, since I had to take into account that most of them, haven't had much exposure to music before. But most of them have such beautiful voices! They put so much effort in singing "Christmas song", which was the last requirement (they could sing any other song if they would not know a Christmas song). It was a good experience. I can't wait to start!!!

God is really amazing!! I have always dreamed of leading worship and be able to sing and play piano. He sent me to Cambodia to get me started... though it wasn't as "perfect" as other worships I've been able to participate, we are starting to try our best for God. I'm starting to understand and experience the great fulfillment and responsibility of being a worship leader through music. I want to be able to put in practice all that I have learned in Andrews about music and worship. I want to be able to carry the "light" that God has put in my hands and through music lead the students to have delight in worshipping God through music. It thrills me the fact that they are not biased. They can sing an "old" hymn or song with the same enthusiasm that they sing a Christian Contemporary song. "Week of prayer" ended on Friday singing "How Great is our God" and "Everyday". It was such a blessing to hear them singing. It was such a privilege from God to choose me to do this. And the best is that this is just the beginning!

Is hasn't been 2 months yet and God has given me more than I can imagine. I have a music service to lead every week, a handchime and recorder ensemble, a Special Choir to lead and a bunch of kids to teach music and of God through music. Also I have a drama class every week, a Drama to put up for CAS Christmas program, which I am also in charge!!

At the beginning I was a little scared and kind of stressed out, but today as He is teaching me to trust Him, I am enjoying every moment and putting everything to His care. I am enjoying it, having the certainty that is not by chance, but that God has given me all this so I can give "My Utmost for His Highest". I know I don't deserve it but I feel more than honored to work for Him...